Does Your House Have Lions?

"One day in the late sixties, I was on the phone with Rahsaan and mentioned to him that just that day I bought a house.
He responded by asking, "Does your house have lions?"
I said, "What?"
He said, "Lions, you know like in front of a museum or the post office. You know, concrete lions. My house has lions. Get a house with lions."

--Joel Dorn

Friday, December 5, 2014

Rounding the corner....

Greetings, everyone.  Today is my birthday, and of course, it being December 5th, also marks the day of Rahsaan's passing.  So, in honor of Rah's memory, and in celebration of my 41st, I thought I would do something which I never do, and that's give you guys an update on the book.  I usually like to keep my writing life as private as possible, but so many people want to know when the book will be finished that I feel like sharing the good news:  SOON!  Also, I signed with a terrific literary agent who is currently shopping the proposal around for the perfect home.

I am racing to the finish line with this current draft and plan to have it completed before the sun rises on 2015.  I have been asked many, many times throughout the past two decades why this process has been such a long one.  And my only honest answer is this:  I do not know.  It remains a mystery to me, this path I've been walking with Rahsaan.  Dorthaan is fond of reminding me/reassuring me that "things happen when they are supposed to."  And I am finally coming around to the wisdom of those words.  When I started the book, back in the fall of 1996, I imagined that it would take a few years to research and write.  But WTH did I know about writing a book?  I had only written college term papers.  And every morning since then, and every passing year, I think to myself that this will be the year I finish writing the book.  However, I had to go through many things I would have never imagined in order to live the story, in order to actually get to the end of the story.  

I hope that makes sense.  As my dear friend, Hannibal Lokumbe says, "Pray for me as a I pray for you."  I'm writing, writing, writing, hoping, hoping, hoping to round the corner by the stroke of midnight this new year's eve.  Please send good writing vibes my way, and I will keep you posted.

Bright Moments forever,