Does Your House Have Lions?

"One day in the late sixties, I was on the phone with Rahsaan and mentioned to him that just that day I bought a house.
He responded by asking, "Does your house have lions?"
I said, "What?"
He said, "Lions, you know like in front of a museum or the post office. You know, concrete lions. My house has lions. Get a house with lions."

--Joel Dorn

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Excellent piece about the upcoming Rahsaanathon. See ya there?

Friday, August 1, 2014

The Second Annual Rahsaanathon--here's the details from the press release

Hope to see you there--I'll be there for Rah's b-day, August 7th:

The Second Annual RAHSAANATHON: A Celebration of the Life and Music of Rahsaan Roland Kirk
At Cafe Stritch from August 5 through August 10, 2014

San Jose, CA – July 9, 2014 – San Jose’s Cafe Stritch is proud to present a celebration of the life and music of Rahsaan Roland Kirk from Tuesday, August 5 through Sunday, August 10.

To begin the festivities on August 5 and 6, Rahsaan biographer and multi-instrumentalist John Kruth and Rahsaan’s collaborator Betty Neals will be featured. They will join New York baritone saxophonist Claire Daly performing material from Daly’s recent Rahsaan tribute album “Rah!Rah!” with local masters Akira Tana on drums and John Wiitala on bass.

The RAHSAANATHON’S main event is three nights with trombonist Steve Turre & The Eulipion All Stars, featuring James Carter.  This ensemble will be reprising their three-night stand from last year---this time with renowned James Carter on reeds and flute. The group will be performing Turre’s arrangements of Kirk’s music August 7 (Rahsaan’s Birthday), August 8 and August 9.

Poet Betty Neals, who co-wrote “Theme for the Eulipions”, the house anthem of Cafe Stritch, will perform the song live with the band. The band includes: Charles McNeal (alto sax), Matt Clark (piano), Marcus Shelby (upright bass), Darrell Green (drums), and Terrie Odabi (vocals).

A very special edition of the Cafe Stritch Weekly Eulipions Jazz Jam will close out the week with bandleader Peppe Merolla (drums) being joined by the great Jeremy Pelt (trumpet) along with Matt Clark (piano) and Michael Zisman (upright bass). The night will include the band performing songs from Rahsaan’s The Return of the 5,000 Lb. Man as well as originals. Because this is the Sunday of the San Jose Jazz Summer Fest, the jam might include other world-class players in town for the festival.

Cafe Stritch is located at 374 South First Street, San Jose, CA   408 280 6161
And LIKE us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

For a schedule and more information please visit
Tickets for all events are available at

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Rahsaan having a big moment on the facebook page, "Humans of New York"

You'll have to head over there yourself to see what all the fuss is about, but when I logged onto facebook tonight, some friends had linked the "Humans of New York" post for today, 6/22/2014, to my wall.  Anyway, there's a cool story about Rahsaan and as of this evening, the story has gotten over 160K likes and 4800 shares.

What's bringing tears to my eyes are all the comments by folks who have never heard of Rah and are now googling him and discovering him for the first time.

Bright Moments,

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Some more exciting film news...

I just got word that there's going to be more screenings of "The Case of the Three-Sided Dream."  Which means more upcoming Rahsaan sightings!  Details soon!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Searching for the Old Rugged Cross

I was going through some old files today when I came across some photos from my first trip to Columbus, Ohio--a road trip with my little sister, Susie.  A trip we took in the hopes of finding Rahsaan's grave.

That trip was seventeen years ago, almost to the day.  It rained hard the day before we arrived.  The graveyard was quicksand.  We sloshed along, row by row, hoping to happen upon it.  We searched for about an hour before giving up.  It would take another trip, a solo trip a month later that turned over so many other clues, before I would actually find it.

Recently, I've been in touch with an artist--a writer and photographer named Ed Luna--who kindly allowed me to share his photo of Rah's grave here:

(And here's a link to his blog if you'd like to check out some of his other work:

Bright Moments,