Does Your House Have Lions?

"One day in the late sixties, I was on the phone with Rahsaan and mentioned to him that just that day I bought a house.
He responded by asking, "Does your house have lions?"
I said, "What?"
He said, "Lions, you know like in front of a museum or the post office. You know, concrete lions. My house has lions. Get a house with lions."

--Joel Dorn

Sunday, April 3, 2011

RAHSAAN ROLAND KIRK - Primitive Ohio (1969)

"God Loves Black Sound."


  1. May ~ I'm sitting here watching Rahsaan clips with my son who is also a sax player. "One of the most impressive players I've ever seen," he says.

    We're having fun here. Thanks.

  2. El Po,

    That is just beautiful. Thank you guys SO much for stopping by. I love it that your son is also a sax player and that he digs've made my 'lil blog's night (and mine).